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Our Cloud Comforter is ultra lightweight and breathable. It is temperature regulating and provides the perfect balance of comfort and freshness.

Improve your comforter with our hypoallergenic Microlux Duvet Cover. Made from 100% high-quality microfiber, it is soft, breathable, and durable. Enjoy deep rest and restoration with this luxurious cover.

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Choose from lightweight and breathable comforter, ultra soft sheets, and comfortable duvet covers. Get a deep rest and restoration with Ona.

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Como tus sabanas pueden mejorar el descanso al dormir

How your sheets can improve rest when sleeping

A good night's sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. A good bed can make a difference in how well you sleep and how well rested you feel.

There are many factors that can affect your sleep, including what you eat and drink, the time of day, your environment, and your bedding.

It is important to have a comfortable mattress and pillows that suit the type of sleeper you have. You may need a firmer mattress if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, but softer pillows if you prefer to sleep on your side.

The most important factor for a good night's rest is having comfortable bedding to sleep on.

It is advisable to invest in high quality sheets made of microfiber

  • The better your bedding, the better you will sleep.
  • Use a microfiber sheet as it is breathable and soft.
  • Try to use a cool temperature of around 18°C ​​in your bedroom to help you sleep better.
  • Avoid using a heavy blanket or comforter to keep your body temperature regulated and comfortable.

Using the right bedding and a comfortable mattress will make a big difference in your quality of sleep.

Ona has a complete line of bedding made from microfiber of the highest quality and at an affordable price. Ona also has a line of pre-assembled sets for different types of rooms and different needs, ranging from the classic set, the superior set and the all-in-one set.

It is time for you to discover true rest and start living a fuller life.

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